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Memories of Spring… #7   2 comments

this picture was taken at Herrenhäuser Gärten, Hannover.

d300s, 50mm, iso-200, f2, 1/2500sec.


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Memories of Spring… #6   Leave a comment

The Playground. taken early of Spring and the weather was quite cold with this year long Winter. so this playground was left alone and i cant find any kids here although it was Saturday´s   morning.

NIKON D40x Body, AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6GIIED, f1.8, iso-200, 1/2500sec.

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Memories of Spring… #5   2 comments

lady in red…

d300s, 16-85mm, iso-200, f5.6, 1/600 sec., focal length 85mm

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Memories of Spring… #4   Leave a comment

this is the first time i were so close to one of these windmill. i literally can touch its base safely without loosing my head. on the Autobahn you can only admire this “huge fan” from afar. it was loud too, maybe too loud. and each time its blade swing down you´ll feel like it will chop you into half. but i managed to take this shoot and got home safely. that is enough right?

d300s, 16-85mm, iso-200, f11, 1/400 sec.

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Memories Of Spring… #3   Leave a comment

the series continues… no story behind this picture.. it was taken at park near Messe Ost Station as i mentioned in 1 of my post before.

d300s , 16-85mm, f5.6, 1/1250 sec., iso-200, spot metering, 85mm focal length

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Memories of Summer… #2   Leave a comment

another picture for this series. special thanks to Cen (Afifi Abdul Latif) of his hard work so i can use his Epson flatbed scanner to scan this picture directly from its negative. no digital editing been made except removing all dust that seems to be impossible to be remove physically. i didn’t crop it either. this happens when you tried to get 37.5 exposures out of a normal 36 exposures 35mm film . plus i like its “old-school-ness” of color and tone.

Nikon FE, Nikkor-N Auto 1:2.8 f=24mm, Fujicolor c200, f2.8, Shutter-speed: auto.

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Memories of Spring… #1   Leave a comment

well, i really am busy during this examination weeks (it is almost a month actually…) and the word cup does make it harder, but sure i can make some time to edit and post my old pictures that  have been filling up my hard disk. here one of it and more will come in this little series.

there are a lot of greens and yellows that interfere the main subject in this picture(those red flowers) but i like how all those yellow dots “disappear” within the green background.

d300s, 16-85mm, iso-200, f5.6, 1/1000 sec., 85mm focal length.

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