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Hannover – Regensburg – Hannover   Leave a comment

these were taken during my trip to Regensburg.

location : in a car between hannover and regensburg

Nikon d300s, nikkor 16-85, Aperture priority f5.3, 56mm focal length,iso-200,  front passenger seat.

Name : Izlin.

Location : somewhere in Regensburg.

Nikon d300s, Nikkor 16-85, f5.6, 1320 sec.,iso-200,  16mm focal length.

location : in a car between Regensburg and Hannover

Nikon d300s, Nikkor 16-85mm, Aperture priority f3.5, iso-2500, 16mm focal length,  and again front passenger seat


Posted May 29, 2010 by Mohd Hanif Osman in D300s, Spring