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this picture were taken at a construction site of a bridge near my house. this Benno-Ohnesorg Brücke been rebuild to prevent flooding. Half of the bridge is done while the work to disassemble the other half begin.

Benno Ohnesorg Brücke, Hannover


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Another trip around hannover to learn more about how to this new camera.

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its been a while since the last post. well, i have been really lazy lately. i have receiving my long awaited new Nikon D300S (yep..its new!! and i have spent almost all my money for this)  and a AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR(and some more money for this) after 2 weeks waiting. it took me almost 2 weeks more to learning the function of  each buttons. then  i went out for some testing. it was a huge jump for me from D40x to this d300s and i´m really satisfy with it. plus i´m kinda love its video capture ability.. got to get external mic later( more money to be spend… ). finally i can use my 50mm lens to its fullest potential…no more sluggish manual focusing..OK, no more typing. here some of the pictures:

Sakura, HDR

Rathaus Hannover

Flowers, bokeh

flowers, bokeh

flowers, sakura, bokeh

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i went to Schloss Marienburg again couples of days ago with few friends which some of them have not been there . we went there by bus and trains this time. no need to cycling for more than an hour but still needed to walk for 3 kilometers up the hill. there´s nothing change to the castle so i´m less than interested to take pictures of the castle or area around it. but on the way back things changes. the sun setting low and the bright orange light of the sun really brightens up the view here. so i took pictures of surrounding farms with the setting sun.



at the morning of the same day i went out to scout area around Exhibition Area where Cebit been held every year. i was quite disappointed as the farms there were empty. as i recall there were at least a flower farm there and were hopping to some bokeh or landscaping. there only windmills, empty but green fields and cloudless blue sky. here a picture  from there.


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